Bacony Brussels Sprouts

Today I’m going to change the way you feel about brussels sprouts.  I, like most of you, would never have willingly picked brussels sprouts as a go-to side dish.  My mom used to make brussels sprouts by boiling them in a little sprite, and while this definitely curbed their characteristic bitterness, I’m really not a big fan of sweet flavors.  I prefer my chocolate bittersweet, my wines heavy (for reds) or acidic and mineral (for whites), and my vegetables savory and sautéed… this is one reason you’ll probably never see me post a recipe where carrots are the star component.  I usually try to make my vegetables pretty healthy, too… but not this time!  I figure brussels sprouts are healthy enough to allow a little guilty indulgence.

Warning: this post is chock-full of dirty, sexy food porn.

who doesn’t love bacon?

Bacony Brussels Sprouts!
serves 2

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